includes/class-buoy-user.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 292 This should be a bit cleaner. Maybe part of the WP_Buoy_Notification class?
TODO 20 Make better use of WP_User's magic accessors, which can also be used to automatically fetch usermeta settings.

includes/class-buoy-notification.php 3

Type Line Description
TODO 90 Write a better message.
TODO 177 Write a more descriptive message.
TODO 80 Support inviting via other means than email.

includes/crontab-manager.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 153 Throw some kind of DreamHost specific error.
TODO 19 Test code coverage, pls kthxbai.

pages/manifest.json.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 31 Icons
TODO 39 Related applications, this is for opening a native app, when we have one.

includes/class-buoy-chat-room.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 276 This should become a "real" template, but for now, we just
TODO 186 The default refresh rate could (should?) become an admin option configurable via the plugin's settings page. Is there a way to go to the #page-footer upon reresh by setting the url here? Placing it in the meta tag here doesn't seem to work (browser ignores it?)

buoy.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 163 Remove this after enough migrations.
TODO 411 This isn't showing up, figure out why.

pages/incident-chat.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 103 Can we harden against XSS here? ?>

templates/comments-chat-room.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 24 Make the comments list a Microformats2 `h-feed` structure. ?>>

includes/class-buoy-sms-email-bridge.php 3

Type Line Description
TODO 162 If this returns `false` then we must deal
TODO 167 How do we get threading to work?
TODO 176 Handle fetch error.

includes/class-buoy-team.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 391 This should probably be moved so it loads only where needed.
TODO 971 Possibly the count should be its own meta field managed by us so this hook is more performant?

includes/class-buoy-user-settings.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 41 Possible values should not be part of default values.
TODO 41 Remove the `default_team` value after next version migration.

includes/class-buoy-settings.php 3

Type Line Description
TODO 457 Refactor this, maybe can do better since the array
TODO 573 Can we harden this against XSS more?
TODO 242 Should this actually be part of the Alert class?

includes/class-buoy-alert.php 11

Type Line Description
TODO 676 Each of these nodes have similar HTML, reuse some code between these?
TODO 870 Clean this up a bit, maybe the JavaScript should send JSON data?
TODO 946 This should be a helper function. :P
TODO 1242 array_map and sanitize this?
TODO 1270 Scheduled alerts should be their own function?
TODO 1281 This fails to offset the UTC time back to server-local time
TODO 1424 Handle exception more gracefully?
TODO 246 Currently, an alert dynamically looks up who is on the teams associated with it. This should be changed so it keeps a snapshotted list of the confirmed team members at the time the alert was created. This will prevent a user from being added to a team (and thus granted access to an alert) *after* the alert has been sent out.
TODO 1008 Move to the main plugin class?
TODO 1096 Should this kind of utility loader be moved into its own class?
TODO 1412 Should the WP_Buoy_Alert object be responsible for handling metadata associated with responder location updates? Right now, this is all just manually updates of postmeta. Not the best way to this in the long run, methinks.