Buoy_Crontab_Manager A simple helper class to manage crontab files.
Buoy_Team_Membership_List_Table Buoy Team membership admin interface.
Buoy_UnitTestCase Custom test case class.
BuoyAlertsTest Buoy alerts testing class.
BuoyRespondersTest Custom test case class.
BuoySettingsTest Buoy settings testing class.
BuoyTeamsTest Buoy teams testing class.
BuoyUsersTest Buoy users testing class.
WP_Buoy_Alert Class for creating and delegating responses to alerts.
WP_Buoy_Chat_Room Loads and displays comments for built-in "chat" feature.
WP_Buoy_Helper Helper class.
WP_Buoy_Notification Class responsible for sending notifications triggered by the right events via the right mechanisms.
WP_Buoy_Plugin Base class that WordPress uses to register and initialize plugin.
WP_Buoy_Settings Handles plugin-wide options.
WP_Buoy_SMS Class to make and send SMS messages via WordPress.
WP_Buoy_SMS_Email_Bridge Class to schedule, poll, and forward messages over IMAP to an SMS.
WP_Buoy_Team Main class for a Buoy Team.
WP_Buoy_User Manages interaction between WordPress API and Buoy user settings.
WP_Buoy_User_Settings Manages user-specific settings for a given user.




The minimum version of PHP needed to run the plugin.

This is explicit because WordPress supports even older versions of PHP, so we check the running version on plugin activation.

We need PHP 5.3 or later since WP_Buoy_Plugin::error_msg() uses late static binding to get caller information in child classes.





wp_get_timezone_string() : string

Get the timezone string for a site.


string —

valid PHP timezone string