Buoy is a community-driven technology from top to bottom. Our team of core contributors are mostly based in the United States and care about a range of issues from alternative mental health and medical response, to domestic violence survivor support, to police and prison abolition. Although we don’t all share the exact same politics, we’ve come together as one group because we all agree that more has to be done to support communities of people who the current system fails, regardless of whether that failure is deliberate or not.

In the spirit of software development as direct action, we set out to design and implement free software that has the maximum social impact with the minimum lines of code, as quickly as possible.

Want to join the team? Check out our Contributing page or come say hello in our chat room.

Team Members

  • Nohbor Doorsnos Tates

    Better Angels

    User Experience Lead, Community Manager

    Nohbor brings a background in domestic violence victim advocacy and two decades of community-based political organizing to the team. Fun Fact: Nohbor spent several rotations working on the International Space Station!

  • Ahlkop Sarbad

    Better Angels

    Lead Developer

    Ahlkop has contributed core code to numerous free software projects and hosts anti-surveillance trainings called Cryptoparties. In their former life, they were a capitalist but got woke before "woke" was A Thing and now helps equip insurrectionary anarchists preparing for The Cyber.

  • Burnahl Prizens

    Better Angels

    Social Media Manager

  • Klass Wahr

    Better Angels

    Translation Team Lead

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